Foam and water tube free, transport & design hydration.

Bouquets, Aerials, Arches, Chuppahs, Arbors, Pergolas, Bannisters, Crescents, Hoops, Runners, Crowns, Table Scapes, Flower Walls, Trees, Staircases, Doorways, Mantels, Wreaths, Garland...
Farmers Markets & Pop-Ups!

Eco-Wrap Mechanics

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Assemble bouquet, secure stems with band and cut flush. Hydrate in water/solution 15 seconds, gently squeeze leaving very wet. With pointed corner facing you, place stems in middle of Eco-Wrap. Bring bottom of Wrap over stems making certain stems are in contact with Wrap. Swaddle sides of Wrap around stems. Secure with band and place Wrap in the bag. Secure bag with a band above the Wrap.

Small Bouquet

Trim Wrap in a triangle shape to accommodate less stems and hydrate. Cut corners of bags and use to cover hydrated Wrap.

Large Scale Installation

Secure chicken wire to structure with zip ties. Make small bouquets needed to complete design, hydrate with Wrap. Insert the bouquets through the chicken wire and camouflage Wrap with vine.


Cut a piece of chicken wire large enough to mold into a cushion-like form that sits securely above the opening of the vessel, tape in the chicken wire. Make small bouquets hydrated with Wrap and insert through the chicken wire.

Cascade / Fragile Stems

Assemble a few stems and apply a small piece of hydrated Eco-Wrap and cover with plastic wrap. Tape and wire stems if necessary and pull through cascading design.

Photo Credit - Passion Flower Events, Susan McLeary, Photo by Ethan Harrison Photography at Floret Flower Farm. Flower Duet LA, Compote Design.