So Easy to Apply the Eco-Wraps!

1. Cut stems flush and rubber band bottom of stems.
2. Soak Eco-Wrap in water/solution for 15 seconds and watch it grow!
3. Gently squeeze off dripping water and leave very wet.
4. With pointed corner facing you, place stems in middle of Wrap.
5. Bring bottom of Eco-Wrap over stems making certain stems are in contact with bottom of Wrap.
6. Swaddle sides of Wrap around stems.
7. Secure with rubber band and put in plastic bag.
8. Secure top of bag with rubber band above the Eco-Wrap.

Bouquet Size ~ Trim It!

The Standard size Eco-Wraps are designed for large sized bouquets. One of the many features of the Eco-Wraps is how easily they trim to fit smaller sized bouquets. If you would like the Wrap a bit smaller, go for it, it's easy!

Trim Steps -

• Fold the width of the Wrap in half.
• Trim short sides of Wrap vertically to cover circumference of the stems.
• Trim top of Wrap lengthwise to cover height of the stems.
• Hydrate.
• Trim plastic bag as needed and apply rubber band to secure.

(Trimmed Eco-Wraps have less material; therefore, hold less water.)

Weddinng Tool

Wedding Bouquets, a Breeze!

Wedding bouquet applications? You bet! Wedding bouquets are easily made! No fear of sloshing vase water, wet ribbons, drips or spills during transport. When the music begins, the bridal party can effortlessly remove the Eco-Wraps without mess.

Fragile Flowers? Bouquets and Cascading Designs, Just Became More Beautiful!

The Eco-Wraps are perfect for delicate flower stems like Lily of the Valley and fragile vines. Technique – Gather a small cluster of stems and cut flush. Trim a small portion of a Eco-Wrap to the cover the stems. Moisten and apply the Eco-Wrap over cut stems. Cover the Eco-Wrap with plastic wrap and secure with rubber band. Pull the stems through the bouquet or cascading design. If additional support needed to pull through design, wire the stems. Quite the trick!

Large Spiral Bouquets? Love them!

If you are familiar with Holly Chapple, you know her love for VERY large and very beautiful spiral bouquets! With thoughtful input from Holly, this 25% larger size Eco-Wrap is designed to accommodate Chapel Designers' needs, as well as anyone who has the love for the extraordinary!

The Large Spiral Eco-Wrap measures 11.8”L x 9.5”H.

Large Event Installations!

Want to impress? Cover a sturdy structure with chicken wire and weave in lots of hardy greens such as Camellia or East Texas Smilax. Design groupings (small bouquets) of flowers and thirsty foliages with Eco Bouquet Eco-Wraps. Insert the small bouquets through the chicken wire and camouflage Eco-Wraps with greens.

Technique Instruction, Want More?

So exciting! An impressive team of Rock Star Designers continue to develop new Eco-Wrap applications and techniques realizing designs formerly impossible without utilizing foam, and some, impossible to design without Eco-Wraps! Tell them Debbie says, “Hi!”

Erin Benzakein - www.floretflowers.com
Holly Chapple - www.hollychappleflowers.com
Susan McLeary - www.passionflowerevents.com
Sue Prutting - www.whitemagnoliadesigns.com
Kelly Shore - kelly@petalsbytheshore.com

Flush Cut, A Must!

Before applying the Eco-Wrap to stems, be sure to cut stems flush. All stems must be in contact with the bottom of the wet Wrap before being swaddled. If stems are not touching the wet Wrap, stems will close.

Grab & Go Gift Item!

An awesome gift for your home or someone special! With the leak-proof hydration source, bouquets are easy to transport vertically and horizontally. This is very accommodating when a customer is not going directly home or to the recipient’s location!

Farmers Market, a Game Changer!

How would you like to arrive at the market without buckets of water that have sloshed all the way there and not have to hand customers dripping bouquets? Instead, simply apply the Eco-Wraps before you leave and transport flowers to the market – vertically or horizontally – set up table, and hand customers a beautifully hydrated bouquet! Customers love how accommodating the bouquets are to transport to their destination and the benefit of not having to run and find a vase!

CSA’s, Hello!

Stop the worry! Delivering flowers in the heat of summer can be stressful, especially when left outside. Delivering flowers with no hydration source is a recipe for disaster! Unhappy customers, returns, and reputations are at risk. Make it easy on yourself and your customers. Apply the Eco-Wraps for continuous hydration prior to delivery. So easy and so effective!

Overnight Bouquet Shippers, Differentiate!

Eco-Wraps are an easy and effective solution to lower transport costs and impress clients. Bouquets can be stacked horizontal, saving precious and costly cargo space. Each bouquet arrives well hydrated, fresh, and beautiful with a professional and polished look. Integrated bouquet hydration is less time consuming for your clients to prepare for sale. Eco Fresh Bouquet differentiates your business from your competitors while expressing your commitment to support eco-friendly business practices. In turn, the use of Eco Fresh Bouquet by the retailer, shows their customer that eco-friendly efforts are supported.


Boost customer satisfaction, increase new sales, and maintain customer retention. Differentiate your business, establish additional product offerings, secure confidence, and achieve a professional polished look to your bouquets, weddings, events, large installations, and floral designs! Happy you equals happy employees and grateful customers!

Minimum Order?

100 count is the minimum order for both the Standard and the Large size.

Wholesale Order

If you would like more than 600 Eco-Wraps, please contact Debbie@EcoFreshBouquet.com

Storage Space?

100-count bundles of Eco-Wraps require minimal valuable storage space.
Standard- 9.5”L x 7”H x 8”W

Weddinng Tool

Spills and Drips, Such a Nuisance!

You know the customer drill… remove bouquet from bucket, look, replace… remove, look, replace… repeat! Result? Water on the floor, wipe the floor, re-cut stems, ugh! Don’t you have better things to do?

Foam Hydration?

Are you kidding? Why would you use nasty chemical based foams when there is finally an eco-friendly alternative? Foam takes 100 years to breakdown in landfills! So many applications are now available to be designed in an eco-friendly fashion.

Fear of Leaks?

No Way! Bouquets can travel vertically or horizontally 100% leak-free!

Clumsy Deliveries?

Do your customers and drivers have their patience tested with water spills, drips, leaks, and broken flowers? Does this result in unhappy customers and replacements? Do yourself a favor, in every bouquet include an Eco Fresh Bouquet leak-proof hydration Eco-Wrap for carefree deliveries every time!

Paper Towel Hydration?

Why? The Wrap is a super duper absorbent sponge that will hydrate for several days. Paper towel is not even in the ballpark!

Flower Life?

The Eco-Wrap will keep stems hydrated for several days. For flower longevity the same optimal environmental conditions apply – cool temperature and no direct sunlight. Remember, always cut stems flush and make certain all stems are in contact with bottom of wet Eco-Wrap before swaddling sides of Wrap around stems.

Finicky Flowers?

Unpredictable flowers such as Hydrangeas and Lilacs will not fare any better in the Eco-Wraps as they would in a vase.

Bulb Flowers, Don't Squeeze To Tight!

Soft stem bulb flowers like Tulips and Crocus can be crushed if the Eco-Wrap is secured too tightly. Leave bulb flower stems slightly looser when securing the rubber band around the Eco-Wrap.

Treatment Solutions?

Treatment solutions are not required, however you may add if you like. Simply add your treatment solution to the water used to hydrate the Eco-Wraps.

Eco-Wrap Content?

The Eco-Wraps are 100% plant based composition. Every component is grown from the ground and is completely renewable and biodegradable.

Recyclable Plastic Bag!

We wish we did not have to use plastic; however until there is a more favorable solution we use the cleanest plastic available. The bags are 100% recyclable and consists of 95% Virgin Polypropylene Homopolymer, 5% Stabilizers, Sulfur-Free, Amide, Amine and Silicon-Free, Latex-Free, and BHT-Free. The bags measure 5” x 8”.

Clear Bags in Canada offers the only plant-based composition bag we have found. Eco Fresh Bouquet is unable to utilize as they tear with our applications. Clear Bags

Are You Green?

To be a successful, well-recognized company today, sustainability initiatives are a must-have! Let Eco Fresh Bouquet assist your company’s green initiatives! Our Eco-Wraps are 100% plant composition, re-useable, renewable, recyclable, and sustainable! Did we forgot an “able?” Nope, covered!

International Shipping?

Of course! Eco-Wraps are everywhere!

If you have questions or require shipping costs for countries not listed, please contact Debbie at Debbie@ecofreshbouquet.com. (Do not order online)

Standard Size Canada Poland
South Africa
New Zealand
Great Britain
Northern Ireland
France Netherlands
100 $46.30 $60.25 $52.30 $57.80 $59.40 $49.75 $49.50
200 $55.85 $75.60 $61.45 $72.25 $71.65 $60.40 $59.75
400 $85.90 $119.25 $86.60 $118.10 $100.80 $86.25 $83.50
600 $116.95 $162.90 $111.35 $163.55 $129.15 $110.10 $106.45
1000 $144.55 $201.70 $133.35 $203.95 $154.35 $131.30 $126.85

*Rates are subject to change without notice.

Home Page Photo Credits

Passion Flower Events, Susan McLeary, Staircase - Photo by Ethan Harrison Photography and Dining Arbor at Floret Flower Farm.
Flower House Detroit 2015 - Lisa Waud, Chicken Wire and Vine - Photo by Heather Saunders.
The Flower Trader, AU - Fiona Milne, Hand-Held Bouquet in Basket.

Scrolling Photos:
Bramble and Bee, Maggie Bailey - Arbor and Floral Crown Design. Kelli Durham Photography, Floral Crown.
Terra Bella Flowers, Melissa Feveyear - Arbor and Bouquet Design. Bouquet Photo by Alicia Schwede, Flirty Fleurs.
Kamama Flowers, April Lemly - Kraft Wrapped Bouquets and Wedding Bouquet Designs.
White Magnolia Designs, Susan Prutting - Tree and Bouquet Designs. Mary Neumann Photography, Peach Poppy Bouquet.


Eco Fresh Bouquet, Inc. will not, and cannot assume responsibility for freshness of flowers. Environmental conditions or improper utilization of Eco-Wraps in accordance with website instructions is not in our control.