Temporarily Out of Stock

October 19th Update

We are SO excited to offer purchasing with Amazon!
As we transition, stock is currently unavailable.

Updates will be made here as soon as information is available.


First Delivery Attempt to Amazon, SC.
Hurricane Florence stood in our way, our container ship from EU could not set sail, everything had to be rescheduled. There is a shortage of container ships that sail across the Atlantic, which delayed things even further.

This week, if the sun and the moon had aligned, we would have successfully air shipped stock direct to the Amazon Fulfillment Center in S.C.
(Stock arrived via plane in SC and unexpectedly, transported to Agricultural Customs for inspection. The word "bouquet" in the name of the company triggered this.
(Scream, xxxx!)

I was informed today we passed inspection, of course. No further delays should happen. Can't even believe I would say this, fingers crossed!

To know, there is no fabric that performs as well manufactured in the US. So wish there were to avoid all these delays!


VAT Number Issued!
Pallets of stock are ready to be trucked to our new Amazon Fulfillment Center in the UK!
I'll know more about the expected date of delivery next week.


Next Up! We are targeting the beginning of 2019 to fulfill orders through Amazon in AU!

The Rest of the World

Decisions are made to enter countries using Instagram statistics. Next up, Australia, Canada and Mexico.
If you do not reside in the US, UK, please order from the closest fulfillment center location.

Note of Gratitude

Thank you for your patience, support and understanding during this exciting, as well as most difficult time. I am besides myself in the disappointment I continue to bring so many. Integrity and transparency is of the utmost importance to me. Please know, I am moving the sun, earth and stars so stock may be available as soon as humanly possible. There is SO much of the shipping process and Amazon’s requirements that are unfortunately, totally out of my control.

Most sincerely,

Please feel free to contact. Updates will be made here as soon as information is available.

Standard Size - (9.5"L x 7"H)

Large Size - (11.8"L x 9.5"H)

Bags Included In Purchase