I am SO sorry to give notice, we are temporarily out of stock at our SC fulfillment center due to sea shipping issues. If we clear US customs in a timely manner, the standard size will be available the second week of July. If you would like to place an order at this time, it will be filled immediately when stock is replenished.

Amazon Fulfillment Update

Tear your hair out frustrating...

I do my best to be transparent, a long story, but one I believe will be appreciated. This is the first time in the 3.5 years in business, we are out of stock.

The main issue is, the need for an East Coast Amazon Fulfillment Center. We have explained, many, many times to Amazon, our product crosses the Atlantic by ship. So far, they have granted us addresses for a fulfillment center in IL and TX. Not helpful. For a month, we have been told our case requesting an East Coast fulfillment center is in queue, you will hear from someone soon. After many, many inquiries, we have yet to hear a peep. Even more frustrating, we are not allowed to speak with decision makers directly. The “Premium Placement” program which we are trying to enter costs more, but allows you to pick a fulfillment center rather than being assigned one.

Once we have been assigned an Amazon East Coast Fulfillment Center. There is a 40’ Full Container Load ready to sail to our new East Coast Amazon Fulfillment Center, with both standard and large size aboard!
One of the happiest days of my life!!!

Bags - PLA
Biodegradable & Compostable!

With every Amazon order, we will be shipping PLA bags that are completely biodegradable & compositable. Super Yay! Finally, found them at a reasonable cost. Bar code issues with Amazon continue, and is what is holding us up. Once issues are resolved, it will take 10 business days to manufacture and a few more to ship to Amazon locations.

Other Countries

We have an address!!!

Taken note of our Instagram Followers’ Demographics.
Preparations are taking place to establish Amazon relations, in order - Australia, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain Italy and Germany.

USA Made

We have looked hard…
If we could find a material, that performs as well as the Eco-Wraps in the US at a reasonable price, we would be purchasing here.

Please check back here for further updates.

Sincerest apologies,

Ordering is Fast & Easy!

Standard Size
(9.5"L x 7"H)





Eco-Wraps & Bags Included In Purchase

Large Size
(11.8"L x 9.5"H)

Count Per Piece Cost
100 $1.20 $120
200 $1.20 $240
400 $1.20 $480
600 $1.13 $678

Large Size Eco-Wraps, International Orders & Rush Shipping
Orders Over 600 Count
Please contact - Debbie@EcoFreshBouquet.com


USPS - Priority Mail (1-3 days). Orders received before 11am EST, shipped next business day.
Rush Orders - Service fee - $25.00 + shipping.

International Shipping Rates

Standard Size Canada Poland
South Africa
New Zealand
Great Britain
Northern Ireland
France Netherlands
100 $46.30 $60.25 $52.30 $57.80 $59.40 $49.75 $49.50
200 $55.85 $75.60 $61.45 $72.25 $71.65 $60.40 $59.75
400 $85.90 $119.25 $86.60 $118.10 $100.80 $86.25 $83.50
600 $116.95 $162.90 $111.35 $163.55 $129.15 $110.10 $106.45
1000 $144.55 $201.70 $133.35 $203.95 $154.35 $131.30 $126.85

*Rates are subject to change without notice.