A Waterproof Material in the Format of a Bag or Film is Required to Contain the Moisture of a Hydrated Eco-Wrap.

Considering the Environment, the Material Used is a Personal Choice.
(Bags nor film are included with purchase of Eco-Wraps)

PLA or Poly?

PLA Material

  • Plant-based with the characteristics of poly and the benefits of being biodgradable
  • Fluctuate in thickness and bag side seam strength, can tear.
  • Film, versatile, no side seam.

PLA Material

  • Reusable, recyclable, durable, economical.
  • Strong, sturdy.

Testing for specific applications recommended.

Bonnie Biodegradable
Certified, 100% Compostable PLA Cling Wrap Film

  • Biodegradable and compostable.
  • FDA approved, DIN CERTCO certified and carries the CE mark.
  • No side seams to tear.

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Clear Bags

Environmentally Friendly Bags From ClearBags®
ClearBags offers a number of different eco-friendly bags that are great for companies that want to package their items in an environmentally friendly way.
PLA or Poly?

  • PLA Eco Clear compostable, No Flap Bags
  • Flat Poly Bags - Low Density Polyethylene, 100% virgin clear polyethylene film.

Suggested Bag Sizes

Standard Size Eco-Wrap
5 7/16” x 7 5/16”

Large Size Eco-Wrap
6” x 9”

Forney Industries

Re-Useable Cable Ties

  • Perfect tool for attaching chicken wire to sturdy structures.
  • Garland, wreaths, aerials, arbors, bannisters, hoops, flower walls, trees, chuppas, staircases, crescents, and more... | 718-644-2446 |