A Waterproof Material in the Format of a Bag or Film is Required to Contain the Moisture of a Hydrated Eco-Wrap. Considering the Environment, the Material Used is a Personal Choice.

PLA Material Bags/Film
Plant-based, usually corn derivative with the characteristics of poly and the benefits of being biodgradable and compostable.

Plastic Poly Bags
Polypropylene Material derived from gas oil, naphtha, ethane and propane.
Reusable, recyclable, durable, economical.
Available - Amazon. (5”x8” standard size Eco-Wrap, 6”x9” large size Eco-Wrap)

Testing for specific applications recommended.
Bags nor film are included with purchase of Eco-Wraps.

Bags and Film

Bonnie Biodegradable Roll
Bonnie Biodegradable

Certified, 100% Biodegradable and Compostable PLA Bags and Cling Wrap Film.

FDA approved, DIN CERTCO certified and carries the CE mark

Single Roll- / 4 Pack-


Perfect tool for attaching chicken wire to sturdy structures

Floret Farm's A Year in Flowers


Book Cover
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Find Eco Fresh Bouquet Eco-Wraps, featured in the Floral Mechanic Supply section!
Plus, "The Gift Bouquet" bonus video with purchase of the book. Erin expertly gives demo of Eco-Wrap application and use.

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