Eco Fresh Bouquet

Eco Fresh Bouquet®

Create modern, garden-gorgeous bouquets that arrive fresh and beautiful every time!

Eco Fresh Bouquet is a new and amazing hand-held bouquet, floral hydration stem sponge-wrap® system. Touted as an unequivocal "game changer" in the floral industry, for the first time, an ecologically sound mobile bouquet water source, with a professional, polished look and flawless performance exists! Applications run throughout the industry; online/retail, wedding, grocer, farmer-florist, wholesaler, transit shipper... From point of sale, through delivery, hydrates both vertically and horizontally without leaks. Cost-effective, easy to use, saves time, eco-friendly, easily trims, re-useable, saves water, and reduces vases. Deliver with confidence, every time!

Perfect for Holiday's & Weddings!!!
Testimonials below, may just convince you, that Eco Fresh Bouquet’s floral hydration sponge-wraps should be a staple in your tool kit too!

It's Easy!

Wet Method

  • 1. Rubber band bottom of stems, cut flush
  • 2. Soak in water/flower solution, watch it grow!
  • 3. Gently squeeze only dripping water from wrap
  • 4. Pointed corner facing you, place stems in middle of wrap
  • 5. Bring bottom of wrap over the stems
  • 6. Swaddle sides around stems, secure with rubber band
  • 7. Put in plastic bag
  • 8. Secure top of bag with rubber band above the wrap

100 Count

200 Count

400 Count

600 Count

Includes Sponge-Wraps & Bags

International (including Canada)
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What It Is!

  • Floral Hydration Sponge Wrap
  • Recyclable Plastic Bag
  • Highly absorbent
  • 100% plant composition
  • 100% biodegradable

What It Isn’t!

  • Paper towel
  • Foam

What It Won’t Do!

  • Extend the natural life of flowers

What It Can Do!!!

  • Hydrate vertically and horizontally
  • Easily trims to accommodate small bouquets
  • Allow for flower conditioning treatments
  • Hold water for several days and reduce vases needed
  • Require minimal space to store
  • Integrate with pre-designed bouquets
  • Make delivering wedding bouquets easy!

What It Will Do!!!

  • Boost customer sales, satisfaction, & loyalty
  • Differentiate and meet customers' growing needs
  • Allow for additional product offerings and designs
  • Achieve a professional polished look
  • Build revenue and perceived value
  • Improve standards and value within all industry sectors
  • Save Water!