Applications – Eco Fresh Bouquet Eco Wraps


Foam and water tube free, transport & design hydration

Originally invented with the intention of bouquet transport, the Eco-Wrap has morphed into so much more.
Designers committed to foam-free floristry are ecstatic with the versatility of hydrating Eco-Wraps, from cutting edge designs to reliable transport.

Bouquets, Aerials, Arches, Chuppahs, Arbors, Pergolas, Bannisters, Crescents, Hoops, Runners, Crowns, Table Scapes, Flower Walls, Trees, Staircases, Doorways, Mantels, Wreaths, Garland...

Farmers Markets & Pop-Ups!




Inspirational photos are offered to illustrate design ideas and applications.
Many composed by Eco Fresh Bouquet, Eco-Wrap designers.