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Foam and Plastic Free, Transport and Design Hydration!

Sell 100% Home Compostable Bouquets.
Plant-based, sustainable, home, compostable, biodegradable, re-usable.


Since 2014, the compostable Eco-Wrap, Floral Hydration Stem Sponge-Wrap system, has been touted as an unequivocal "Game Changer" in the floral industry. Immensely, advancing how flowers are hydrated, transported, delivered and designed, foam free!

Bouquet Hydration

Retail . Holiday . Flower Truck . Subscription

Stems stay hydrated & flowers remain fresh & beautiful for several days. Bouquets transport vertically or horizontally, leak free!


Farm . Airline . Truck . Distributer . Bouquet Maker

Immeasurably advancing cargo cut flower hydration and transport methods. Achieving absolute freshness in a sustainable manner, farm to destination, and beyond.


Wedding . Event , Workshop
Arbor, wall, aerial, crescent, chuppah, tablescape, tree, staircase, doorway, vessel, wreath, garland...

Increase the wow factor! Learn exciting new mechanics to create breath-taking, cutting-edge designs.
So versatile, some designs not possible to create with foam!