Perfect for “No Touch” Bouquet Delivery, and Pick Up!

- Lindsey McCullough, Owner of Red Twig Farms.

“A few weeks away from our tulip crop harvest at Red Twig Farms in New Albany, Ohio, we had to get innovative very fast as the state just went into a Stay at Home order. How are we going to keep the farm going without our Farm Store? We created a, “Donate 10 Stems to a Stranger from a Stranger Campaign,” for $10. We thought, okay, we will sell maybe 100 bouquets. Wrong! 1,011 bouquets to be exact, Spread the Hope campaign went into effect. Bouquets were donated to essential, front line workers and those who just hope. The Eco Fresh Bouquet 100% compostable Eco-Wraps, were exactly what we needed to keep the bouquets hydrated for those that would be working when bouquets arrived. We tested Eco-Wraps for up to 4 days and the flowers were still hydrated! Anyone doing any type of, “no touch” bouquet delivery or pick-up, should order these!”

Foam Free, Transport and Design Hydration!

Since 2014, the 100% compostable and patented Eco-Wrap has been touted as an unequivocal "Game Changer" in the Floral Industry, immensely advancing how flowers are hydrated, transported, delivered and designed, foam free!

Love the Planet?


100% plant-based, sustainable, compostable, biodegradable, re-usable.


Farm . Airline . Truck . Distributer . Bouquet Maker

Immeasurably advancing cargo cut flower hydration and transport methods. Achieving absolute freshness in a sustainable manner, farm to destination, and beyond.

Bouquet Hydration

Grocery . Retail . Holiday . Famers Market . Pop-Up Shop

Stems stay hydrated & flowers remain fresh & beautiful for several days. Bouquets transport vertically or horizontally, leak free!


Wedding . Event , Workshop
Arbor, wall, aerial, crescent, chuppah, tablescape, tree, staircase, doorway, vessel, wreath, garland...

Increase the wow factor! Learn exciting new mechanics to create breath-taking, cutting-edge designs.
So versatile, some designs not possible to create with foam!



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