It’s Pumpkin Time!
Rocking some unique and amazing fall pumpkin inspo from Budapest!

Easily keep flowers beautiful and hydrated for many days with compostable Eco-Wraps!
Make a few lush bouquets, attach a hydrated Eco-Wrap onto the stem. Hydrate well one Eco-Wrap and lay inside the base of the pumpkin to keep environment moist. Pop the bouquets inside the pumpkin and gently cover.
Huge seller and best pumpkin on the block!
(keep out of sun)

Eco Fresh Bouquet

The Floral WOW factor just got turned Way Up!

Eco Fresh Bouquet®™ Floral Hydration Stem Sponge-Wrap System
Touted as an Unequivocal "Game Changer" in the Floral Industry!

Foam free transport and design hydration finally exists!


Susan McLeary, Tobey Nelson Events
Photo, Heather Saunders

100% Plant Based
compostable . biodegradable . reusable . recyclable


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